Puppet animation outsourcing company

Classical & Sand Animation Development Company.
Virtualinfocom provides puppet Animation service, which entails the entire spectrum of animation in the classical style for all your designing needs for your products, presentations or enterprise. Virtualinfocom, one of the few companies that still specialise in this soon to be extinct, exquisite art form, develops and designs puppet animation from start to finish.
Ask us for Classical animations, clay animation, sand animation or puppet animation

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Why Choose Animation Outsourcing?

Virtualinfocom holds a special place in animation market, for designing and creating 2D animation, objects and backgrounds for popular games, across multiple platforms. We also have experience in various sectors like mobile, TV, movies. Our portfolio also boasts of top notch texturing and modeling for animation projects regardless of their size. We specialise in creating breathtaking 2D art for our clients, and have highly trained personnel using modern animation technology and methodologies to satisfy all your project requirements. Our work ethic is focused on delivering timely, secure, valued works to our oldest and newest clients alike.

Our Features

Our skilled and experienced 2D art team is capable of meeting all of your needs, whether you are looking to outsource your entire work or just need a few assets done by us. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Simple and advanced characters or cartoon designs based on extensive research so as to represent your concept and brand immaculately
  • Animations (including blend and loopable animations)
  • Flawless complex animations such as segment zooms, exploding animations and expanded views etc.
  • Creation of props. (environments, weapons, vehicles, objects, etc.)
  • Development and design of full character & FPS weapon/hand animation
  • Animations we create is interactive and interesting; they hold the capacity to engage viewers.
  • Creation of animated videos and explainer videos
  • Interactive and engaging animations in fantasy, sci-fi, stylized, cartoon, realistic, manga, fumetti neri and several other styles

Industries to which we serve

We have experience in multiple sectors, and for all your animation related requirements we definitely have the best and highest quality solutions and creations for you.

Marketing and PR industry: We utilise unique marketing strategies to create engaging services, products demonstrations, events and training collaterals which are guaranteed to grab your customers' attention. We also provide advertisements and ad banners, as per requirement.
Publishing and academic domains:Our teams have worked on beautiful, distinctive comics, online magazines and books. We also propose to give a fresh take on tutorials, promotional activities and events in educational centres or institutes, thus expanding your reach.
Entertainment industry: Hire us to level up to the top level in the entertainment and media sector as we provide you with logo animation, storyboard advancements and more ways to enlarge your company.

Hiring professional animation services

Our animators are highly reputed and knowledgeable in their field and have a great deal of experience in various niche styles.
Our stringent quality checks in our own studio and attention to every minute detail ensures only the best reach you. In spite of perfect, on-time deliveries from our multiple delivery centres, we do not cut back on security or ever, put you at risk. We use VPN and secure gateways for file transfers, while our employees sign NDAs, and backups are maintained so as to prevent any infringement on copyright or trademark.
We deliver work on time and have numerous delivery centers.