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Console Game Art To create high-quality games you need high-quality art, and virtualinfocom provides just that with stunning 3D content for game productions. With a multidisciplinary team at our disposal, we are capable of delivering 3D look development, concept art, modeling, rigging, animation, texturing and more.

We invest in people and infrastructure. We maintain a personal touch with our partners across the world. We grow young leaders at a rapid pace and empower an international community of talent that joins us from across the globe. We are also pragmatic from day one, focusing on results that accelerate our clients. Strong co-developments require forward-thinking and engaged teams on both sides.

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3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling Company for Your Console Games

We're in the business of helping creatives and innovators succeed. We achieve this through partnerships that leverage our relationships and production experience. Success comes by personal collaboration at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Looking for 3D Companies to outsource 3d models?

If you are looking for 3d modeling services for games; 3d objects or for 3d companies that create 3d character model for 3d studio max; Unreal 3D models or 3d max models that are efficient and cost-effective as well, then Virtual Infocom can prove to be your ideal outsourcing partner.

Seeking for 3D Modelling Services?

Virtual Infocom offers 3D Modelling services as per day/per hour or month depending upon the requirements of your project. We work the way you work, delivering only those elements you require. One-stop and your game development needs are met.

Console Game Art Services from Virtual Infocom 3D Game Studio – Cost-Effective yet Powerful

Keeping your video game development project costs reasonable, Virtual Infocom provides you with cost-effective game art solutions. 3D modeling helps the game look more realistic and appealing adding a new dimension to game playing. More and more 3d games are coming breaking the barrier between real and virtual worlds.

Excelling in the latest skills of creating 3d Characters3d Models, Virtual Infocom’s 3d Artists provide matchless 3d game models that fulfill customer expectations. Our seamless endeavor to surpass set standards enables us to provide the highest image quality of perfect resolution that outlines geometrical symmetry and visible flawlessness