3D animation outsourcing company

In the current world, everything is slowly becoming more and more interactive, and 3D animation and its underlying innovative techniques are being used in every sector, be it corporate advertising or education. Since this results in fierce competition, the only way for you to gain an edge is to employ the firm which will produce high quality content fitted to your needs and concept.
This is where Virtualinfocom, one of India's leading animation firms with its team of top talented and veteran animators, artists and illustrators comes into the field. We are experienced in any service you might need, be it a business video brochure, educational or major feature films, or any other product animation, we have the skills, technology and strategies to guide and help you achieve your ultimate goal. Our CG animation service includes the whole range of products you may need, starting from concept and character development to BG to texturing and every other criteria you require to get a full and authentic package.

We offer the highest professional CG animation services for all kinds of digital media, TV and advertising media. Our in-house teams make sure that their top notch skills in animation / vfx are put to your best use, to create some of the leading popular 3D content for the Internet and publishing houses. They work intensively in our state-of-the-art classical and digital studio which is fitted with the latest technologies to ensure we can serve you any kind of media on any platform, while assuring our uniqueness and keeping you secure.

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Why Choose Animation Outsourcing?

Smaller studios, marketing departments or gaming companies with lesser resources do not usually have the expensive equipment, software or staff needed to produce high level 3D animations. To save expenses and manpower, they turn to outsourcing for these projects, and this is where we can help out.

Our highly trained and experienced staff knows how to produce breathtaking 3D images and animations, and bring our clients' concepts to life. We propose to fulfill your vision on the scale it deserves, within your stipulated time and budget.

Our Features

Our incredible 3D art team is capable of meeting all of your needs, and exceeding all your expectations, whether you are looking to outsource your entire work or just need a few assets done by us. Some of the services we provide are:

  • simple and advanced characters or cartoon designs created after comprehensive research into representing your concept
  • Animations, including blend and loopable animations.
  • Conceptualisation and design of full character & FPS weapon/hand animation.
  • Props. Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, Objects, etc.
  • Full Character & FPS Weapon/Hand Animation
  • Animations we create is interactive and interesting; they hold the capacity to engage viewers.
  • Animated videos and explainer videos.
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Stylized, Cartoon, Realistic and various other styles – and more!

3D animation services

Our 3D animators and creators have extensive field experience from working on a wide range of projects including:

  • Skeletal Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Cel-Shaded Animation
  • Morph Target Animation

Other than these, our team has worked in a wide array of sectors and markets ranging from TV to corporate to marketing, and created corporate presentations, marketing tools, product demos, website animations, video games and feature films, to name a few projects. This makes us certain that we can take on any challenge that you put us up against, in any industry.

Hiring professional animation services

Our team is capable of producing beautiful distinctive artwork and animations that are sure to leave you enraptured, and our stringent quality and accuracy checks make certain of that.

Virtualinfocom is one of the foremost Indian animation companies which makes us poised to ensure that your product is designed and handled by only the best, and our tests ensure that your concept is brought to life exactly how you imagined it.

Our security processes prevent intellectual property theft at any cost, and ensures instant access for you to our development process. We always use VPNs and secure gateways for file transfers, our employees sign NDAs and backups are maintained to prevent trademark or copyright infringement. In spite of these rigorous methods, we never miss a deadline, and our numerous delivery centres always provide your product securely.