What was once just imagination in the minds of sci-fi devotees, and the wishful thinking of humankind is now reality in the hands of the common person.

Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, conceptualised and created by Oculus VR brings to you immense possibilities and opens up new dimensions in several fields, one of which is game development. Having over multiple years of experience in developing immersive and multidimensional games for Oculus Rift using Unity 3D lets Virtualinfocom be the best solution for all your VR game development needs. For a small primer on what the Oculus Rift means for the average industrial company, read on.

Originally just a path breaking innovative VR platform to work with high tech machines, Oculus has developed to much more, and is now a powerful work to reckon with in not just various intersectional fields like game development, video gaming, simulation, amusement parks, but also in sectors like military, shipping, eateries, etc.

Oculus Rift is not as easy to develop on, as mobile app development, but the net result makes any hassle well worth it. VR experiences can last as long or as short as you want them to, and a short demo is the best way to get a feel of the end product.

Oculus Rift's latest upgrade allows the embedded head motion sensors to work seamlessly with the external positional tracking sensor, to give you the ultimate experience of being inside a 3D world. Our teams in various cities throughout the world are fully trained to handle all the technical requirements for Oculus Store, and our products also require minimal tweaking to get accepted into the same. We can assist you in any steps of your development process, be it an immersive experience, an enterprise demo or anything in between.

The virtual reality goggles feature embedded sensors that monitor the head motions of the wearer and adjusts the image accordingly. The Oculus Rift’s latest version also comes with an external positional-tracking sensor that tracks head movements with precision and accuracy. The result? The sensation of being inside a 3D world.

Oculus Store: Our team is aware of the technical benchmarks for the Oculus Store and we deliver builds that get approved with minimal feedback for the Oculus Developer team.

Whether you are looking for an immersive experience or an enterprise demo, we can surely assist you with the entire development cycle.

Why choose Oculus Game Development :

Oculus being one of the prime players in the VR industry, which is guaranteed to garner more customer base within a decade, is now an extremely important technology to utilise. Virtualinfocom has always prided itself on being one step ahead of its competitors and hence we have undertaken extensive Oculus projects, along training in Agile technology, rendering aesthetically pleasing graphics, and pioneering popular games in various genres which are well received across communities.

Why work with us :

Having more than 300 mobile and tablet projects have allowed us to know the intricacies of VR technology, and has lead us to come up with the WebXR platform which supports development of all the technologies under the umbrella of XR.
Stunning VR simulations and apps are our speciality, and our clients always come back to us, hence proving our claim of extreme customer satisfaction, and great rapport and understanding with your team. We have developed some of the leading mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows using Oculus, and our standards are that of the highest industrial regulations.